We are Czech-British company with permanent staff of 4 and we offer huge potential of external local and foreign professionals.

Smith Henley Group is a consulting company focusing on managing human resources and organisational effectiveness.

The aim of the company is to improve performance, talent and potential of organisations and their staff.

We assist skilled people in sourcing best positions to help meet their potential and aspirations.

We offer HR services for all companies and for companies without HR personnel in house we can run the complete HR agenda. For the larger companies we can implement part of the agenda. Our business activities division have many influential partners and connections mainly in United Kingdom and Western Europe.

  • Recruitment


    We select the best candidates for the searched position.

    We use our long time developed database and the media.

    We offer the executive search method for certain specific positions.

    We actively cooperate with the client during the searching process.

    We interview the candidates focusing on their experience, personal characters and the ability to be able to identify with the company culture.

    We usually present 3 candidates for each position who are fully suitable for the client’s requirements.

  • Assessment Centre (AC)

    Assessment Centre (AC)

    Assessment Centre is a diagnostic method of evaluation of the candidates focusing on selection of the best one for the certain position. It is used either for selection of external or internal candidates.

    Different model situations, tests including psychological which are able to discover the ability, professionalism and personal character of the candidates are used. The results of AC are used for helping the further development of the companies and their employees.

  • Personnel Audit

    Personnel Audit

    Independent assessment of organisational structure, ability and professional experience, suitable set up of present employees including some personnel processes and activities.

    Audit can help to achieve the independent view on the company and it’s potential.

    The audit’s results make possible to plan the employees organisation better, their next development, training and to gain ground within the company.

  • Remuneration System

    Remuneration System

    Remuneration is the main motivation aspect of the employee’s satisfaction. The correct set up of the system plays a very important role and contribution to company prosperity.

    Bonus system is another means of motivation, but there are the other factors which exist and they are possible to adapt to the needs of the company.

    Comparison of the salaries is also one of the factors which is possible to use.

  • Outplacement


    Outplacement is a complex of professional support method during the organisational changes in the company connected with decreasing of number of the employees. It is also used during merging of the companies which comes together with reducing the employees.

    The main target of this method is to increase the possibilities of the future employment continuation of the redundant ones. Those who will have the opportunity to continue their contract, to provide them with smooth continuation and keep the good relationship towards the employer.

    We help to plan the changes in the companies, to create the external and internal communication and to prepare and coach the released employees to actively search for the new job opportunity.

  • Employees Relations

    Employees Relations

    The organisation’s success is provided by motivated and loyal employees. Profit of the company is partially influenced by their attitude. Employees relations reflect the customer’s ones.

    We cooperate to improve the company communication and to set up the company culture.

    We help to create intranet, evaluation of the employees including the employees satisfaction survey.

    We assist with the creation of the company policies and organisational chart.

  • Employees Training and Development

    Employees Training and Development

    Companies invests considerably to the employee’s education.

    Some of the trainings provided by the company do not have the connection with company’s needs and it is only per the employees requests. Sometimes it is just chosen without taking in mind the company strategy.

    We analyze and design plans and needs of trainings for the individuals and the groups in cooperation with the client.

    The effective set up of the training focused on company’s needs is the important aspect of success.

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Opportunities for Professionals

If you are looking for new job opportunities or advise regarding your professional possibilities on the job´s market or you need assistance with your CV, send us your contacts or CV and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

“You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.”
–Wayne Gretzky

Management Consultancy


We do offer Management Consultancy mainly for top managers in the area of HR and sales. We are able to offer individual training programmes within this service to provide crisis management consultations and introduce the changes/new structure of the client company. Our professionals work both with individuals and groups of employees and the offered programmes are based on exact specifications from the clients.

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